Playful Nursery Design Ideas For Girls And Boy

Playful nursery is needed by our children both boy and girls. The trends for the nursery every year change and more colorful. The child both boy and girls should feel comfortable and have fun doing activities in the bedroom. For this reason, most bright and cheerful nursery wall decoration  design most chosen for the nursery. We think this trend will continue in 2015 and offers a great opportunity to make the kids room more alive and colorful. For the girls room in 2015 , vintage style is popular because it gives a romantic atmosphere with floral or other pretty patterns will make girl can feel like a princess.

Playful Nursery For Girls And Boy
 Nursery Design 

Nursery inspiring ideas design for children 

playful nursery ideas
Yellow playful nursery

Lets we see some wonderful ideas to make the nursery design for children both boys and girls and what most powerful furniture for playful nursery. We hope after this you will have great inspiration for playful nursery design .

nursery design for children
Nursery combine yellow and green color

A child's room can be designed in bright theme and cheerful , combination of yellow color and green color will  makes children get a good mood every day in the bedroom. Make a child's room looks great, we can combination with colorful furniture like chairs, tables, curtains and wallpapers.

vintage style nursery
Vintage style nursery

The vintage style like fashion fairy tale we can choose  furniture in white or cream with pretty floral motifs. We can make great variation on pink , green and purple . In white color we can combine various decorative items and accessories. For example, a colorful carpet will bring enough color to the room. So our children both boy and girls can relax in their room and more comfortable.

White playful nursery design
White furniture nursery design
White and pink playful nursery design for girls 
Now we will see an example of children's fashion  for girls, used in the furniture in vintage style combine  a snow-white color and ornate ornaments. For playful color especially  the walls we can use a light beige and pink. This color make a warm atmosphere in girls room and more if combine with a wooden floor.

Nursery in pink color
Pink color nursery

Nursery Design in  Blue

Blue playful nursery design
Blue nursery ideas for girls and boy

Blue is very popular as house. This color  can be used also for the kids room, especially if it is your child is a boy. Blue have a natural colors. This color can be combined with wood floor. You can make the nursery also combine in many different colors together, this technique will make colorful nursery. So lets be creative people .

More Playful Nursery Design Ideas For Girls And Boy

Colorful Nursery Design Ideas
Colorful Nursery 

Pink Nursery Design Themes
Pink Nursery Ideas

Boy Nursery Design
Nursery for boy

Minimalist nursery

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