Modern Garden Design With A Fire Pit In The Middle

A fire pit make cozy atmosphere in the garden or on the terrace. In the nights a fire pit  in the garden also make warmer and cozy. Beside more warm , a fire pit in modern garden also give a beautiful outdoor  lighting effects in your garden. Of course, fireplaces design for modern garden is becoming important. Because it merges with  your garden and affect the comfort of the garden . You can see some modern garden design at the gallery below.

Fire Pit in modern garden
Fire pit for your garden

Modern garden design with fire pit in the middle

fire pit in the garden
Cozy atmosphere with fire pit  

There are various accessories for garden designs - whether a fire bowl, a fire basket, charcoal grill or barbecue site. With this accessories will give a romantic light for your garden and create a cozy atmosphere in the open air. Without a fire pit, it can became mild temperatures and cooler in the outdoor garden.

Fire pit picture
Fire pit tips and design

Modern garden design- tips for the hearth
For a fire pit on the garden that you want to share with your family and  friends, enough a diameter of about 70-90 cm for your fire pit. If you want to make a bigger garden fire pit, the hearth should be correspondingly larger.

The fireplace in the garden should always location away from your garden furniture , trees , flower pot and down overhanging branches. Make sure that  furniture is out of reach of the fire. Make sure that  tree is out of reach of the fire .Make sure that you place the fireplace at some distance to the patio door or windows, so the smoke does not take into your house.

A fire pit for your garden

nature fire pit
Fire pit in green chair

Fireplace for outdoor 

Elegant home with fire pit in the garden
Fire pit for garden

nature fire pit
Fire pit for nature ideas

cozy atmosphere fire pit design
Fire pit for minimalist garden

fire pit
amazing fire pit 

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