White Bed With White Bath - An Original Design For The Bedroom

White bed design and ideas.We know, of different varieties of rooms in which the same is also a bath tub. Such a device variants are all the rage in terms of interior design. But the idea of a bed with a bath, we want to show you today is really something unique. For when one can speak of a bedroom and bathroom in a train and context?

white bedroom design
White bedroom in an apartment in Luxembourg

White Bed with bath - free hanging mirror for washbasin
This is an original white bedroom furniture of a bed with bath, in which the tray is mounted on the headboard. It is located in an apartment in Luxembourg, which in turn was designed and furnished by the design firm Metaform Architects. In addition to the white bath, the bed also has two practical sink. This will get even effective mirrors that hang freely from the ceiling. But that's not all. For the furniture also includes a toilet, which is located in a narrow space, which in turn is formed by glass. And this modern, glass toilet is not about separately in the bedroom, but is conveniently connected to the bed with bath with a pedestal. This, in terms of its features, generous piece of furniture consists of a white color, giving it an elegant look.

White bath design
White bath design

So if you want to connect to the bedrooms and bathrooms, to save space or just to implement an original idea and thus to make your home unique, this version is from a bed with bath a great idea. So if you've always dreamed of a bedroom with private bath, this is a great option to fulfill the dream. And although guests can seldom in his bedroom, you will certainly make one or two exceptions in this striking furniture design. Guaranteed everyone who gets the bed with bath to face, get amazed.

Bed with bath and toilet glazed

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