Garden Design of 2015 - Ornamental Grasses, Stones And Trees Give The Garden Structure

Gone are the days of lush vegetation in the garden. Nowadays, more and more landscape companies opt for good structure and order. The latest trend in the 2015 - minimalist look - garden design is very suitable for small gardens. The trendy design of the garden is designed by combining by next, House trees, lawn, paving stones and statues. We give you some helpful tips on how you can combine the different elements together.

Garden design 2015 grass ornamental and trees wood
Garden Design of 2015

Landscaping 2015 - the individual elements of the minimalist garden at a glance

 pool wood terrace idea
2015 Trees Pool Wood Terrace

The sleek, minimalist-style garden is easy to maintain and extremely practical design. Here, the most important elements of garden design are 2015 at a glance:

-In the minimalist garden, the terrace is first applied - it is in most cases very spacious and is laid with wooden planks. House trees or bamboo can be planted to the terrace - this will ensure the necessary privacy.

-On request is created next to the terrace a swimming pool or a pond. This is separated from the sitting area by a glass wall.

-Only after pool and terrace are ready, it can grow with the go. House trees and high bushes are planted at the edge of the garden. Each zone in the garden are separated off visually by using of Succulents. Instead of a lawn area are several raised beds with ornamental / like for example Indian summer / planted.

-The last step is the decor - fountains, statues and garden benches with original form can contribute to the minimalist look. Also the lighting should be paid great attention.

2015 - perennials garden design, House trees and modern garden statues

Garden design 2015 landscaping stones statues

The House trees and the higher trees are planted at the edge of the garden landscaping 2015-

2015 ideas pool trees lawn paving stones

2015 - design landscaping Garden on several levels

2015 landscaping Garden Design

The atrium with bamboo and ornamental plant landscaping 2015-and decorate with statues

landscaping ornamental of 2015 with statues

Ornamental grasses are easier to clean than the lawn area

Ornamental grasses

Asian-style garden set to - Gartendeko with stones

Asian-japan style garden

Modern gardening - perennials and grasses for the terrace

Modern gardening

Garden Bench wood adds to the minimalist concept

Garden Bench wood

Modern garden with a cosy sitting area, lush vegetation and water features

Modern garden with a cosy sitting area

Comfortable terrace of wood in a large garden with exotic plants

Comfortable terrace

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