Bamboo In The Garden - A Fascinating And Versatile Plant

Bamboo is an essential design element in the Asian garden cultures in recent years in European gardens growing in popularity. There are several reasons for this: Bamboo is a durable, evergreen and relatively easy to grow plant that must be cut back once or twice a year. It can withstand lower temperatures below freezing many bamboo species. Bamboo in the garden can be several meters high in a short time and used in different forms will as a container plant, hedge, patio roofs, vision and windscreen. These various features make the bamboo so versatile and provide you with plenty of design.

Chinese Bamboo Garden
Chinese Primitive Bamboo Garden 

Bamboo in the garden: Tips on finding the appropriate type of bamboo

Bamboo in the garden design
Bamboo In The Garden 

What to consider when choosing bamboo?

There are many different species of bamboo. They are distinguished by the many types of stems, leaves, through your plant height and space requirements. It is therefore important to determine first the role to be played by plant bamboo in your garden.

The bamboo in the garden

Growing plant bamboo in the garden
Green Bamboo In The Garden

Bamboo loves loam soil with a pH of about 6.5. The plant is also very popular garden pond, in this case, but the water in the root area must flow well. Although bamboo is usually used as a visual and wind protection, care for the plant rather sheltered locations.

In the growing season (around March-July), the subtropical plant needs to get enough water so that the bamboo garden well developed. There is also the addition of nitrogen-poor fertilizer advisable. The winter and frost hardness may be up to -30 ° C and more depending on the species of bamboo. But also needs the bamboo in the winter maintenance plant that died of thirst in the winter without water! The root ball should be protected because of frost damage is not excluded. 

A bamboo privacy fence can be done easily by you

A bamboo privacy fence
Bamboo Garden Privacy Fence Ideas

Easy-care plants for your garden

Unique bamboo plants for your garden
Bamboo Plant In The Garden

Bamboo trees integrated in a modern house architecture

Bamboo trees integrated in a modern house
Bamboo In A Modern House

The bamboo gardening easy to care for as a container plant

The bamboo gardening easy to care

Bamboo In The Garden Ideas

Bamboo In The Garden Design

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