Wellness Furniture - The Cocoon "Water Beds"

The cocoon of "Water bed" is not only a modern piece of furniture. There is also a new wellness concept of complete relaxation, comfort, and enjoyment. The futuristic graceful capsule is shaped like the silkworm cocoons and decor reminds us also of a science fiction movie. You want a womb-like pale reminder? If so, the cocoon of water beds is exactly what you need.

Cocoon Water Beds
Cocoon Water Beds Relaxation

Cocoon "Water beds" - absolute comfort and relaxation

Furniture Cocoon Water Beds
Cocoon Water Beds

The capsule will be your isolation from the external environment and sends in the land of absolute comfort and relaxation. After 20 minutes or more in this extraordinary piece of furniture you feel refreshed and reconciled with the outside world. All problems disappear completely, you feel floating as a baby in the weightlessness. "Swimming" or that "such as womb" effect stems from built-in water mattress, based on the famous water bettens wellness chairs. The wellness chairs of water beds are distributed all over the world in more than 550 different hotels.

Sound options in the cocoon "Water beds"

Wellness Furniture Cocoon Water Bed
Purple Wellness Furniture Cocoon Water Bed

A further part of the therapeutic effect is the soothing sound, which is integrated into the cocoon. There are a few different sound options. You can choose, surround-sound, sound waterbed, with or without headphones. Feeling of slight vibrations in the mattress gives a cool feeling, a relaxing massage.

Relaxing massage in the cocoon "Water beds"

Modern Wellness Furniture Cocoon
Modern Wellness Furniture Cocoon Water Bed Ideas

Once the Konkon is closed, you are transferred to another world. There are no errors, no problems more, only real peace and consolation. This capsule has a very nice soft lighting which you feel protected and it relaxes the eyes also. Konkon-design is inspired by various forms of nature. It is suitable for a home furnishings or a spa centre. The lighting, beautiful, quiet sounds, the water mattress and the unique design of the Konkons are the key to the true experience of relaxation. Once you get into this extraordinary capsule you know what really is comfort.

Real peace and solace in the cocoon "Water beds"

cocoon waterbeds
Calm Wellness Furniture Cocoon Waterbeds 

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